Hello.. Welcome to VocalBin.com. I am your digital assistant here to help you use this site.. Vocal Bin provides API's to host a digital assistant like me on your website. Click my question mark button to open my question box to ask me a question. You can here me speak text from the page by clicking the blue play buttons you see in various places. Or, in many places, you can simply click a line of text to hear me speak that line.

Welcome to Vocal Bin

Vocal Bin provides a digital agent that you can place on your website to provide your visitors with quick and easy access to information about your websites, business, products and services.

Setting up your digital agent is quick and easy. In fact you can have your digital agent on your website in as little as 4 simple steps.

Step 1, Register your free Vocal Bin account. We only require authenticating your email for registration.

Step 2, Use our simple to use FAQ manager to add any questions and answers for questions you want your digital agent to answer.

Step 3, install a single javascript file on your website. Depending on how your website is setup, this may be as simple as adding 1 line of code to your site.

Register here for your free Vocal Bin account, giving you access to your FAQ manager to start building your questions and answers.

Use of the Vocal Bin digital assistant is free as long as you do not modify the styling or content of the digital assistant displayed on your website.

Current Features Include:

  • Easy setup. Your Vocal Bin digital assistant can be installed and running on your website within minutes.
  • Simple FAQ manager. Your Vocal Bin FAQ manager makes it easy to manage your questions and answers, As well as see what questions your visitors are asking.

Enabling text to speech requires a paid subscription.

Contact us through our feedback form if you are interested in test to speech or a customized solution for your website.

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