About Vocal Bin

What is Vocal Bin? And how can you use Vocal Bin to empower your website? Well I am a digital assistant that you can plug-in to your website. I can help your website communicate with your website visitors through speech.

What is Vocal Bin?

Vocal Bin is a digital assistant that you can plug-in to your website.

What does Vocal Bin do?

Vocal Bin helps your website communicate to your website visitors through speach.

We believe that people will be more engaged with a website and it's company's brand when communication is done verbally, either in place of or in addition to written communication.

And that's what we offer. A way to engage people visiting your website with speach.

What is Vocal Bin used for?

Well, technically any text on your website that a person would normally read, could theoretically be made to be read to the person using your site.

But one of the more powerful features of Vocal Bin is our FAQ engine.

Our FAQ engine allows your site visitors to have easy access to ask virtually any question, and get an appropriate and useful answer back.

The FAQ engine also allows including links with your answers to guide your visitors to more specific information. For example, if they are asking for specific information about their account, you can provide a link to a website page that will provide that information.

How do I ask the digital assistant a question?

It's easy. Just click the green button with a question mark in it to open the question text field.

Once open, just type in your question, and then click the Ask button.

Go ahead and give it a try now.

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